Employee Protection Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to reinforce the business integrity of the Good Tidings Foundation by providing a safe and reliable means for employees and others to report concerns they may have about conduct at the Good Tidings Foundation. By following this Policy, you can raise concerns, confidentially and anonymously if desired, and will be free of any retaliation, discrimination, or harassment.

If any employee reasonably believes that a policy, practice or activity of the Good Tidings Foundation is in violation of law, we encourage you to promptly take one or more of the following actions:

  • Discuss the situation with the Founder.
  • If you are uncomfortable speaking with the Founder or believe the Founder has not properly handled your concern, a written complaint may be filed by that employee with a member of the Executive/Fiduciary Board of Directors.

This Policy provides a mechanism for the Good Tidings Foundation to be made aware of any alleged wrongdoings and address them as soon as possible. However, nothing in this Policy is intended to prevent any employee from reporting information to federal or state law enforcement agencies when an employee has reasonable cause to believe that the violation of a federal or state statute has occurred. A report to law enforcement, regulatory, or administrative agencies may be made instead of, or in addition to, a report directly to the Good Tidings Foundation through the reporting methods specified in this Policy.

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Document Protection & Destruction Policy

Purpose: In accordance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which makes it a crime to alter, cover up, falsify, or destroy any document with the intent of impeding or obstructing any official proceeding, this policy provides for the systematic review, retention and destruction of documents received or created by the Good Tidings Foundation in connection with the transaction of organizational business. The Good Tidings Foundation follows the document retention procedures outlined below. Documents not listed will be retained for the appropriate length of time.

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Good Tidings stores all their documents in a reasonably safe and accessible area. Electronic document logins will be available when asked for by authorized individuals. Documents will be destroyed by a recognized document destruction company authorized by the Founder. The Board will periodically review the above with legal counsel to ensure that they are in compliance with new or revised regulations.