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Creating opportunity

Artistic Expression

Good Tidings has been building art and music studios in partnership with revered artists and musicians to provide children with state-of-the-art studios so that they can express themselves creatively without limits. 

Art & Music Studios

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In March 1990, while working as the director of scouting for the San Francisco Giants, our founder Larry Harper met America’s Greatest Artist LeRoy Neiman, who had been commissioned to paint “Bay Area Baseball,” the official art of the 1989 World Series. Larry and LeRoy struck up a lifelong friendship. From there, they supported and built many youth centers through various partnerships, such as the LeRoy Neiman and Janet Byrne Neiman Foundation.


Good Tidings’ team builds a state-of-the-art LeRoy Neiman Art Studio each year at a deserving location. Good Tidings has built art studios from San Francisco to Harlem, and some of those studios have been featured in Architectural Digest.

America’s Greatest Artist and Good Tidings Foundation Founding Partner, LeRoy Neiman passed away in New York on June 20, 2012. In his 91 years, he gave us so many gifts through his colorful, expressionistic artwork. He was an innovator on so many fronts and lived one of the most interesting lives of all time.

Affectionately known as the rapscallion with the handlebar mustache, Neiman defined the world in vibrant color and took special pleasure in connecting with his wide-ranging fans and collectors. Neiman, who sold more art than any other artist ever, has authored 15 books and lists 184 titles in which he is a contributor or the contributing artist.

Program Highlights

Each year, the Good Tidings Foundation builds LeRoy Neiman Art Studios for Youth at a deserving school, recreation center, Boys and Girls Club, etc.

Good Tidings also partners with Grammy award winners such as Kenny Loggins and Jason Mraz to create state-of-the-art music studios.  Our first two studios were built in Santa Barbara for the non-profit Notes for Notes, and then we traveled to San Diego to build one for A Reason to Survive (ARTS). 

Art and music have a unique ability to positively impact children by providing them with a range of mental, emotional, and educational benefits. For marginalized youth or those speaking English as a second language, art and music is an important medium through which they can communicate their feelings.  

Jason Mraz Studio
Jason Mraz Music Studio
218 Music Studio at Notes for Notes
Notes for Notes Studios at Boys & Girls Club
Santa Barbara, 2018
2018 Sol Collective
Sol Collective
Sacramento, 2018
Rosa Parks' Makerspace Before and After
Rosa Parks Elementary School - Before & After
San Francisco, 2019
Eastside Prep - Before & After
East Palo Alto, 2015
2014 DeMarillac School Art Studio
DeMarillac Academy
San Francisco, 2014

Children's Discovery Museum LeRoy Neiman Art Studio
Children's Discovery Museum
San Jose, 2019
Good Tidings Pier 9 Art Studio
Good Tidings Pier 9 Art Studio
San Francisco, 2006
Pier 9 Two Image Container
Good Tidings Pier 9 Art Studio - Before & After
San Francisco, 2006
2012 Amesti
Amesti School
Watsonville, 2010

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