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Over the years, many of our peers have come to us to learn if we have a “secret sauce” that launched us towards our success. What we have always felt as a charity, is that you need to create your own best practices. Through time, we have learned what it takes to be successful now and into perpetuity. We are pleased to offer our advice and consulting free to young non-profits, those needing to find a way to get themselves to the next level, board development strategies, or just simply to help with a succession plan. First, we provide the newly released book, So You Want To Start A Charity, to each staff and board member of a requesting charity. From there, we meet with the organization to see where our strengths can best help their mission. Hit the Contact button at the footer of our website to see how we can help your organization.

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Charities we have helped

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Good Tidings Foundation Logo Mewater Foundation

Good Tidings Foundation Logo Canine Guardians Assistance Dogs

Good Tidings Foundation Logo Brenda Villa Foundation

Good Tidings Foundation Logo Armstead Academic Project

Good Tidings Foundation Logo Giants Community Fund

Good Tidings Foundation Logo International Surf Therapy Organization

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I am addicted to helping others!
Larry Harper, Founder of Good Tidings Foundation